My Story

Cherished pieces of beautiful fabric and silk clothing once belonging to my parents, lay neatly folded in a pile. They are just one memento of a childhood spent in an artistic wonderland that was Southeast Asia, a culture that left me with many fond memories. Some of my fondest are the trips with my parents to the fabric houses in Bangkok and Hongkong. I was in awe of the colors, the prints, and mostly the profusion of products that were made out of some of the most beautiful fabric in the world. It was just one of many experiences that inspired me as a child and would still inspire years later.


With a BFA in graphic design from Ringling College of Art and Design, I've worked in publishing, advertising agencies, and design studios, to eventually freelancing out of my home studio. With over 20 years of design experience, my most satisfying work was creating identities and print collateral for the high-end luxury real-estate/resort development market, with clients nationwide. I've worked on a variety of design projects in industries from boating to agriculture, to donating work to my local Hospice. However, I missed the tactile arts; pushing paint around, sketching, crafting, sewing and decorating. Too much of my downtime was spent in a euphoric dream state between the pages of art, craft, fashion and lifestyle home-decor magazines.

That dream state became reality after a resort clothing company offered me an opportunity to design a couple of prints for one of their lines. After seeing the end product, I felt like that kid in the fabric store once again. I started to research this exciting idea of seeing my artwork on different products – fabric, apparel, bedding, wallpaper, home decor, papergoods, and tableware. That's when I knew I had to expand my design endeavors.


My creative inspiration comes from a passion for nature, decorative art, history and travel, combined with the gathering of ideas from around the world. It has given my work a “multi-cultural nature”, an eclectic fusion of “life”, spun with a little bit of luxury.