Duchess Fabric goes to the Netherlands

...and lands into the incredibly talented hands of Elisabeth Kiljan.

With an Anita Goodesign "Anniversary Quilt" pattern, a clear vision of the end product, precise measurements, and some fussy cutting, Elisabeth has turned the Duchess fabric collection (using 18 fabrics to be exact) into something really special. Elisabeth's taste for soft tones, with a little bit of glamour and romance, were a perfect match for the "Duchess"; I'm so glad they found each other.

When Elisabeth first sent me photos of her work, I nearly fell off my chair - I was thrilled and honored that someone with her talent brought to fruition the vision that I had for this collection. This beautifully and superbly crafted quilt was all done on a Brother Quattro embroidery machine with some corners sewn by hand to get the seams exactly together, and each block taking around an hour to make, said Elisabeth. Her joy for crafting with fabric is apparent in all her work – whether it's a gift for a friend, a family piece, or a quilt for the Verdanda Foundation, which donates quilts to people with disabilities.

Here are photos of the quilt made with Duchess fabric, followed by more beautiful work by Elisabeth Kiljan. 


More of Elisabeth's beautiful work.

Bargello quilt by Elisabeth.

What a setup! Covers for "Chientje" and "Zusje" her two machines.

Elisabeth even made her own lace and cutwork on this lovely pillow.


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